unrealistic raptor / large carn behavior

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unrealistic raptor / large carn behavior

Unread postby Bradosaurus23170 » Thu, 6th Oct 2011 15:41

What's good about the GEPv2 is that the raptors no longer run faster than anything when they see a t-rex :grin: but they still do for other large carns :( . I thought t-rex was "the most fearsome carnivore of the cretaceous", not "the only large carn that raptors aren't afraid of"!!! :hmph:
This is a sugestion if ever there is a GEPv3 :
Have raptors only attack large carns (not just t-rex) during starvation, or when there cornered and only when there in a reasonably sized pack (4 or more) :pleased:
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