Some Suggestions For Gep v3

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Some Suggestions For Gep v3

Unread postby compyman » Mon, 28th Feb 2011 16:24

If a gep v3 is to ever come about. These are a few suggestions on what could be thrown in:

Raptor fence attacking:

After raptors attack a fence or escape an enclosure several times. They will suddenly stop doing this andget stuck in the enclosure they are in. If there is a way around this it would be very useful.

Attacking on sight:

It would be more realistic if raptors and other carnivores killed and ate prey on sight instead of waiting until they get hungry. Carnivores don't just miss chances for food!

Grass for food:

What gets really annoying is herbivores starve to death when there is food right beneath their feet- Grass!
It would be good if they ate grass more often and didn't depend on herbivore feeders.

Helping fellow herbivores:

It would be cool if when a carnivore strikes down a herbivore, another one e.g triceratops came to the rescue.

All Carnivores Rampage:

In reality, if a small animal e'g dilophosaurus got stressed it wouldn't just collapse on the floor and die, it would go on rampage like any other carnivore. If all carnivores rampaged (not nescasserily broke out of enclosures) it would be much more realistic.

Triceratops Escapes:

It would be much more interesting if certain herbivores like Triceratops attempted to brake out of their enclosures periodically. Say if they got hungry.

Sedative collapse:

If a dinosaur was sedated, it wouldn't just slowly and calmly go to sleep, it would collapse on the floor like when it enters comatose.

I unfortunately cannot mod fsm's very well so these are ideas for anyone to use. :)
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