GEP v2 and possible V3 suggestions

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GEP v2 and possible V3 suggestions

Unread postby The Tyrannosaur » Mon, 7th Feb 2011 2:43

GEP V2 Bugs:

Zombie Dinosaurs-On occasion my herbivores would panic and then when shot or "killed" by a carnivore they would countinue to run around, often forever.
Carn Walking Freeze-carnivores often freeze mid way while walking or running.

and here is some suggestions if a V3 is ever in the works(I tried to put it in a professional way of wording XD)

>Kentrosaurus Scared Mod

Before Kentrosaurus used to be terrified of large herbivores. Now they will get along with them just fine.

>Death Duel Increase

With other GEP Modifications death duels barely even happened. With GEP V3...they wont happen as much as the original unmodded game, but you will definately see them more often then from other GEP's

>Foliage Hiding Mod

One of the unique and behaviour extending modifications is the hiding mod. Now 1/3 times small herbivores(Gallis, Homalos, Dryos) will hide in ferns or along side a patch of trees.
Sometimes when a carnivore comes by they will attempt to sniff them out and may find them. There is a 50/50 chance that the herbivore will loose its cool and run off.

>Allosaur Pair Hunting Mod

Allosaurus may team up with another Allosaurus nearby to hunt together. This is most likely to happen if there is potentially dangerous(Anky or Stego) prey nearby or simply larger prey(Camara or Brach)

>Brach is Now Prey

Correlating with the Allosaur pair hunting mod, a pair of Allosaurus may try to take down a Brachio now. Other large carnivores will now hunt Brach's, though only when they are very desperate and have not other prey options.

>Stego warn

When a carnivore approaches, Stegosaurus, Kentrosaurus, or Ankylosaurus will show off their tail weaponry and flash them off in the air to intimidate carnivores to find a meal somewhere else.

>Torosaurus upgrade

Torosaurus will now be able to attack large carnivores.

>Cerato and Alberto pack hunting

Cerato and Alberto's will hunt in packs(not together obviously) and they will no longer run around like fools going after seperate prey items when they can work together.

> Carcass Tweaks

Dinosaur Corpses will last a bit longer.

>Carnivore Kill Mod

If a Large Carn is hungry enough it will attempt to drive off another carnivore off its kill. The two at first will attempt
to intimidate eachother via roaring. If this neither backs down they might fight to the death.

>Panic Mod

If a dinosaur notices another dinosaur panicking around it, it will take the "message" and run away also.

> Weakest Link attack mod

If a herbivore is lower than health then it's comrads around it, there is more likely of a chance that carnivore will target the lower health herbivore.

Example: A Rex would more likely attack a moderate health Para than a excellent health Para
The Tyrannosaur
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Re: GEP v2 and possible V3 suggestions

Unread postby Lexus » Sat, 26th Feb 2011 19:08

Nice Ideas. Especially the kentrosaurus would be cool. I hate it when my dinosaurs are in panic all the time -.-° Worst ones are dilopho, kentro, toro (he's rampagng all the time, yush), and alberto.

Another question, is there a way to make two t-rexes do a deathmatch or even two spinosaurs? It only seems to happen when a rex encounters a spino. should be possible to change the animations, I hope. I'm sory but I don't know where else to post this.
And I have another pack of questions (thanks for ignoring me in teh random topic anyways... I'm sorry but I really can't see where I should post these things.)

1. make my dinosaurs wander further (you know allosaurus uses to cross the whole map and other just stay like stuck in one corner. Yesterday I had about 60 spinos stuck in one place, while allosaurus crossed the whole ocean between the two island fragments. acrocanthosaurus later did the same too but he had much longer to take that decision.)

2. make the dinosaurs conquer the mountains (like increasing jeep max altitude, but for the spinosaurus and velociraptor especially in my case)

Not sure if this has already been fixed somewhere. I've read a big bunch of things today and yesterday. I'm sory if I missed something...

Brach is kinda win :)

the cera/alberto idea is very cool. I'm so tired of those stupid albertos -.-°

and another thing. Yesterday I have put a parasaurolophus right before a VERY hungry acro. He didn't do anything -.-° (and paras are his preferred prey) he started to hunt it when I made a big herd out of one. Blind dinosaurs are so boring!

Greets, Lex
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