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Unread postby Reprieve » Mon, 21st Nov 2011 17:47

Earlier, MG found itself in the rather delightful position of having too many excellent tutorials. And so it would seem we would have to choose between having an aesthetically pleasing, small list of stickies that excluded some of the helpful content or have the whole list but with it clogging up half the page.

However, here at MG we like to usurp the assumed natural order and declared neither of these options would happen! So instead, we present the tutorials board. It can be found as a sub-forum in the "assistance" section of the site.

Now, good tutorials will be sent to this board instead of being stickied. Users can comment on them, but can't make their own there. They must make a tutorial in the regular section and a mod must peer down from on high and declared it worthy.

Only then will it be whisked away to that holy of holies - the tutorial board.

But it shan't leave you with nought. As a reward for being such a helpful go-getter, you get to put this user bar in your signature in lieu of one of your permitted lines of text.

You also get bragging rights, but that goes without saying.


And, for those super cool enough to get 2 tutorials in the tutorial board, this one!

And if you can manage to get 3 tutorials in the tutorial board...
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