Jpog 2 idea list

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Jpog 2 idea list

Unread postby paleontolgisticguy » Tue, 23rd Oct 2012 8:23

This is an enormous list of things I've made as ideas for jpog 2 there is a second one ill put on the bottom.

jpog 2 ideas
male and female dinos. plus eggs and babys that get taken care of by the mother. ability to mate with mating animations. males and babies only on site b but females on both.
tlw will mean 'The lost world'.
there may be repeats of stuff said
there might be no full stops in places they are supposed to be or are just missing
dinosaurs that will hopefullybe in the game.
apatosaurus from the novels both the lost world novel and the first novel.
velociraptor sornaensis
velocirapor nublarensis
jurassic park the game raptors
novel velociraptors
mamenchiosaurus from the lost world
tlw pteranodons
jp3 pteranodons
novel pteranodons
jurassic park the game pteranodons
jp3 compsognathus
tlw compsognathus
herrerosaurus from jurassic park the game
troodon from jurassic park the game.
hypsiliphodon from the novels
carnotaurus from the novels
movie rexs
jurassic park the game trex
novel trexs
trespasser rexs
movie parasaurolophus
novel parasaurolophus
jurassic park the game parasaurolophus
diplodocus from the novel
velociraptor mongolensis
herrarosaurus from jurassic park the game
utah raptor
movie stegosaurus
novel stegosaurus
trespasser stegosaurus
brown brachiosaurus (from the first movie)
grey brachiosaurus (from first movie along with the brown one)
jp3 brachiosaurus
ceratosaurus from jp3
albertosaurus from trespasser
spinosaurus from jp3
jp1 galliminus
tlw galliminus
micro raptor
pachycephalosaurus from tlw and novels
corythosaurus from jp3.
movie triceratops
novel triceratops
jurassic park the game triceratops
ankylosaurus from jp3
movie dilophosaurus
jurassic park the game dilophosaurus
novel dilophosaurus
nanno tyrannus

extra stuff
dinos act the ways they did in the films,jurassic park the game and novels
new terrain features caves,ledges,lakes, deep rivers,cliffs, canyons and waterfalls very realistic
deeper oceans for marine reptiles.
real mountains like in tresspasser.
better weather and sky features night,sunset,dusk and dawn dinosaurs will prefer to sleep at night but some carnivores like velociraptor hunt mostly during night.
actual working life cycle for all species of dinosaurs in the game egg-hatchling-juvinile-adult
juvinile dinosaurs will make an atempt to mate with an adult for example a juvinile male rex finds an adult female he will try to mate with her if she already has mated or has layed her eggs she will roar at him to scare him away but if he doesnt look impressive she will roar at him and get territorial then if she gives him a chance they mate and the female lays her eggs and then they will care for the hatchlings until the hatchlings reach mid juvinile hood.
dinosaurs try to find nesting grounds and will stay there for afew months until the eggs hatch and their mother will take care of them the hatchlings move with the herd at all times
when you want to breed a dinosaur it will ask you if you want male or female adults to come from the hatchery and what type for example movie raptors or trespasser raptors.
when you select a hatchery the hatchery breeds adults but the adults that come out of the hatchery are the ones who lay the eggs and continue the regular life cycle from there.
massive islands for site b because site b is lots and lots of times bigger than isla nublar and in the original jpog islands dont even get as big as the proper isla nublar.
when solitary type dinosaurs want to mate the males will call out to females and walk around the island until he gets ones attention or until mating season ends.
ceolophisis are pack hunters.
spinosaurus females will be how the spino looked in jp3 but have males darker than that.
the large herbivores stay out on open plains and only go towards trees when hungry or migrating to nesting sites or just to migrate around the island.
velociraptors will choose a remote safe cave on the island to lay their eggs.
when herds are feeding there will be one look out incase a predator is near by stalking the herd.
troodon will be scavengers and will try to steal dinosaur eggs and eat or they will just hunt goats and cows maybe small herbivores.
all the female parasaurolophus are the ones from jp1,jurassic park the game and novels. all the males are the ones from jp3,tlw and the novels and same with other dinosaurs like velociraptor and tyrannosaurus.
to tell the difference between the troodon males and females have females look how they did in jurassic park the game and have males a bit lighter and bigger than females.
when a pack of velociraptors have eggs they go off to hunt every now and then but keep a look out to stay at the nests while the pack goes hunting if it sees a threat it will chase it away but if it is a large threat it will call out to the pack and the pack and it will attack
dinosaurs have the ability to urinate instead of only pooing
velociraptor sornaensis will set traps to catch prey like they did in jp3.
tyrannosaurus females will only lay two eggs so there arent to many tyrannosaurus on the island and so not as many herbivores will get killed (what I mean is if there are too many predators they will go through the herbivore populations very quick until there is nothing else to eat)
when a pair of tyrannosaurus go hunting with their infant and teach it how to catch prey some compsognathus may head toward the nest and sniff around trying to look for food and scraps.
when a rex family is out hunting when they arrive back to the nest the male will go to the nest to make sure nothing is there and the female will stay back with the infant until the male calls them over if there are creatures there like compsognathus or velociraptor the male will get territorial and roar at them instead of the velociraptors attacking they flee same as compsognathus.
the male and female tyrannosaurus hatchlings make the same sounds that the hatchling did in tlw. Only males a bit deeper
herbivores will scatter around the island (in their herds) instead of just migrating to one certain part of the island and all be bunched up but if they are in an enclosure they move around the enclosure but scattered not bunched up in the corner
when a female trex lays her eggs the male and the female stay together the male gos hunting for small prey to carry back to the nest until the hatchling reaches the mid stage of being juvinile then the female scares the male out of her territory and let the baby go without harm but if the juvinile finds its parents again the parents will attempt to attack it.
when a hatchling turns into juvinile it doesnt straight away turn to juvinile size it slowly grows till it is its juvinile size and then slowly start to grow to adult form not just straight away the size the adult this gos for all dinosaurs
more lush jungles with big dense trees have jp3 style trees in one part of the island and a more modern forest tlw style part of the island and also in each part or area of site b could just be open plains for large herbivores or small herbivores that like the open spaces big canyons and lakes and cliffs and bigger better mountains from trespasser
pteranodons will land in an empty cave to mate and lay eggs.
herbivores are constantly migrating around the island and only stop in certain areas for things such as mating, eating or even drinking and maybe laying eggs.
have a complete isla nublar in the exercises with tyrannosaurus and the brachiosaurus and parasaurolophus and all other dinosaurs with buldings and the heliport and have everything where it originaly is just for view and to feel like your at the real jurassic park.
you dont have to complete all missions to unlock site b and instead have site b unlocked once you get into the game.
have an accurate novel isla nublar with everything it had.
maybe have a combination of both of the isla nublars with everything they both had.
have a novel isla sorna with everthing it had
herbivores will get back on the move after their eggs have hatched having their babies in the same herd as them and the adults taking care of the babies.
when herbivores stop to feed if the herd has babies the babies eat smaller plants or grass.
have different kinds of grass on one island like have ferns on one side or most of it or some of it and another part regular grass.
carnivores such as tyrannosaurus will search for a mate if another male is attracted to a female they will fight over her until one of the males win she will be attracted to the winner.
if a large carnivore male finds a large carnivore female and it isnt mating season they will get territorial.
male ceratopians in the game will fight for dominence of the herd to become alpha male or fight over a mate and to scare that other male out of their territory if the other male isnt in his herd.
if their is a male ceratopian taking care of eggs or whatching over his herd and a small predator comes by it will chase it out of his territory.
dinosaurs like velociraptor sornaensis or troodon and regular velociraptor males have feathers that they use to impress mates if they don't get a mate the dinosaur will have to wait till the end of mating season but with the regular velociraptor (real velociraptor) both males and females have feathers velociraptor sornaensis have feathers anyway except for the females.
velociraptor sornaensis and nublarensis will not pack together they are both rivals and will attack the other species on sight. all sorneansis will pack together packs only going to eight raptors. and nublarensis will pack together and packs only going to eight.
pteranodon are pack hunters but will not travel away from site b or the park.
dinosaurs will have new activities like migrate,mate,eat and laying eggs. they will also have the gender of the dinosaur when you select it if it is an alpha of a pack/herd it will show how many members are in the herd/pack and how leaderly they are.
male pteranodon are slightly bigger and darker than females.
troodon will either stay on the move or have cave lairs that they lay eggs,sleep and eat they will also bring prey to the cave to feed the hatchlings or to lay eggs in or maybe even they just want to eat there.
jurassic park the game dinosaurs will all be classed as movie dinosaurs.
caves are only found on the sides of mountains.
jp3 brachiosaurus will only make the noises they did in jp3 then the same with other dinosaurs jp1 brachiosaurus will only make its jp1 noises but with jp1 parasaurolophus since we didnt hear a sound they made they can make the sounds the jurassic park the game females did.
caves have little ledges just outside of them so pteranodon can land there and walk in.
when the tlw pteranodon land they can land in trees like they did in the lost world and the jp3 species will land in a quadropedal position and also walk in a quadropedal position but they both do this.
pteranodon will not lay eggs in caves with troodon and will only lay eggs in empty caves so their eggs are safe.
dinosaurs can now climb hills and mountains such as troodon need to get to their cave lairs and all other dinosaurs herbivores could migrate across the mountains.
jp3 pteranodons will be more aggressive than the tlw species.
velociraptors and troodon if always moving around the island they may just stay in one certain spot for a while or they may stop to mate,eat,drink,take care of hatchlings and protect their eggs.
jp3 pteranodons will attack tlw pteranodons the attack will be pack vs pack
every dinosaur on the list can all be on the island at once this is one of the reasons that I said massive islands for lots of dinosaurs.
dino population for one island instead of just sixty maybe unlimited dinos able to be on one island (Massive islands and I mean massive islands for this)
there will be an alpha male and an alpha female for a pack or a herd they will mate with each other every mating season.
when a pack of hunters such as velociraptor if one raptor makes a large kill like parasaurolophus the rest of the pack will come and eat instead of just making one kill per raptor when all of them are hungry.
when a pack of hunters is hunting they will target a member of the herd then they spring out and attack the one they targetted but make grunting noises at eachother as a form of choosing certain prey.
have coral around the islands for marine reptile hatchlings to hide in.
when a pack of small carnivores or any other carnivore that moves in packs that are hungry and they find a herd the whole pack will target one then only go to kill that one and the whole pack eats it.
allosaurus are pair hunters two allosaurus will stay with eachother all their lives one being male the other female.
maybe have fish ingame for the spinosaurids and pteranodon to feed on.
spinosaurids can swim in deep rivers and lakes to catch fish
part of site b could be just a normal forest and another part could be a lush jungle and parts of it open plains with other small bits being swamps another reason why i said massive islands for multiple terrain for the different dinosaurs
if a pyroraptor pack meets another species of raptor or another pack of pyroraptor there wont be any killing just whoever vocalises the loudest will win that territorry.
the spinosaurids wont always eat fish and can prey on other dinosaurs.
pack hunters learn how to hunt by age hatchlings will have little fights to learn how to hunt or just play.
hypsiliphodon will climb trees to escape from carnivores.
a hatchling female trex looks like the tlw hatchling and they stay looking like this while growing to juvinile slowly increasing their size the juvinile female rex looks like the tlw female slowly increasing size to the fully grown female whitch is the jp1 female.
a male rex hatchling looks like a mini juvinile male and the same size as the tlw hatchling then slowly increasing size to the regular juvinile the juvinile looks like the jp3 rex and slowly increasing size until it is an adult whitch looks the same as the tlw male.
male and female dinosaurs have different skins such as a velociraptor sornaensis male looking the same as jp3 males and the sornaensis females looking the same as jp3 females and velociraptor nublaraensis females look the same as jp1 females and males look the same as the lost world males.
velociraptor nublarensis are three kinds of raptors first the jp1 female then the tlw males then the jurassic park the game females.
tlw pachycephalosaurus are males and normal jpog ones are female
pteranodon will prefer to eat fish but if they cant find any they will prey on small dinosaurs or goats/cows.
marine reptiles will always stay around the island so they cant escape.
if a spinosaurid meets a marine reptile while swimming it will get out of the water and flee.
parasaurolophus females will look the same as the females from jp1,novels and jurassic park the game and the males look as they did in tlw,jp3 and novels.
pteranodon will land on small mountains and sunbake.
big islands also come with big ocean outsides so there is alot of space for the marine reptiles to swim.
have an accurate map of isla nublar in the exercises features such as the mountains and the open areas and the lake where parasaurolophus and brachiosaurus are and the water falls and cliffs and the tunnels and the rivers and other lakes.also with an accurate isla sorna with size, mountains, streams ,rivers and open areas and forests and jungles and ledges and dinosaurs and buildings.
when the player is on the accurate isla nublar in the exercises (if you decide to have one) the tour vehicles wont need a track or they already have one (please make it in the way they had it in the movie in order ) have them stop infront of the dilophosaur paddock then the tyrannosaurus paddock like in the movie and have the order that the dinosaurs came dilophosaurus,tyrannosaurus etc.
adult pteranodon will collect water in their beaks so then they go back to the cave their young are and give them a drink or if the young are ready to come out of the cave and are thirsty the hatchlings and the adults go fishing food for the adults (and water if they are thirsty at the time) and also food and water for the hatchlings but if the hatchlings cant catch any fish the adults will catch the fish or a small dinosaur for them the adults will head toward the nearest swamp to do this if it has dangerouse dinosaurs there they will fly to a different one
movie type dinosaurs will only mate with other movie kinds of dinosaurs but as for jurassic park the game they may be classed as movie dinosaurs because it is based on isla nublar the same time as when the first visitors arrived and the novel dinosaurs will only mate with the novel dinosaurs
the reason I said that movie dinosaurs only mate with movie dinosaurs is because it makes more sense than if I get a novel male to mate with a movie female the hatchling results would be a movie male a movie female a jurassic park the game female a novel male and a novel female so if only a movie male mates with a movie female the results would make sense because the hatchlings would only be a jurassic park the game female a movie female and a movie male.
the parasaurolophus mating call from jurassic park the game can be used for all male parasaurolophus in mating season only but since all parasaurolophus share the same mating season time the movie female WILL NOT be attracted to a novel male using the call.
when parasaurolophus are feeding the lookout will use the danger call from jurassic park the game.
baby tyrannosaurus are very playful and sometimes pick up bones pick them around and also chase insects they mostly do this while their parents are around but most of the time they do it in the nest even when their parents are lying down resting just whatching the infant.
in the accurate isla sorna it has the rex nest from tlw and the pteranodon avairy,the game trail,beaches,mountains,airstrip and the place where the spinosaurus fought the rex except the fight wont happen
baby carnivores will pick up bones from a left over meal
the male trespasser parasaurolophus can be the beta version and the female the orange one.
all parasaurolophus will herd together same with other herbivores from other things
if it is mating season for a kind of herbivore and the males calls dont work they will show off their colours until they get a female
dinosaurs have the sounds they had from the movies together with jurassic park the game example a female brachiosaurus will only make the noises it did in jp1 and the male will make the noises it made in jp3 and the other dinosaurs.
bigger hatcherys for the long dinosaurs like diplodicus and apatosaurus.
and smaller hatcherys for things like compsognathus and 2 foot tall velociraptors.
dilophosaurus grow to their true size instead of the innaccurate versions of them but the innacurate versions could be hatchlings or part of being a hatchling on its way to being juvinile.
when playing the game and you have a dock the dinosaurs will be shipped to the island and you get to pick what dinosaur you want from the island that come from the available dig sites.
be able to have all dig sites to unlock instead of only 3 to unlock.
gallimimus are omnivores but instead of meat and plants they eat insects and plants.

new buildings
avairy for pteranodons
field lab
jp3 airstrip
lodge (hotel)
docks for visitors that arrive by boat and for dinosaurs to be transferred to the park
petting zoo for small dinosaurs like the real velociraptor and compsognathus.
the visitors center from jp1
bone shaker from jurassic park the game
workers village buildings from tlw
maintenance shed
marine facility for under water reptiles
quarantine pens
ingen compound like in jp3
underwater hatchery that can only breed underwater reptiles.
mountain or canyon hatcherys to breed pteranodons.
dino mating seasons
small carnivores- january to febuary
sauropods- september to october
ornithopod- herbivores october to november
theropod herbivores- november to december
ceratopians- august to september
large carnivores- december to january

time for dinosaurs to grow.
small herbivores hatchling-juvinile 2 years
small carnivores hatchling-juvinile 4 years
large herbivores hatchling-juvinile 3 years
sauropods hatching-juvinile 5 years
large carnivores hatchling-juvinile 5 years
marine reptiles hatchling-juvinile 2 years
flying reptiles hatchling-juvinile 3 years

small herbivores juvinile-adult 3 years
small carnivores juvinile-adult 3 years
large herbivores juvinile-adult 4 years
sauropods juvinile-adult 6 years
large carnivores juvinile-adult 4 years
marine reptiles juvinile-adult 4 years
flying reptiles juvinile-adult 3 years
time span for dinos to live during adult hood
small herbivores 50 years
small carnivores 68 years
large herbivores 60 years
large carnivores 90 years
marine reptiles 70 years
flying reptiles 50 years
eggs time to hatch
small herbivores 3 months
small carnivores 2 months
large herbivores 5 months
sauropods 7 months
large carnivores 4 months
marine reptiles 4 months
flying reptiles 2 months
all of the age stuff the dinos dont just straught away turn to the size their next stage is. they slowly grow to it until they are an adult.
the ways nests are made
small carnivores will pile up mud and leaves
small herbivores will dig a hole then pile up leaves
large carnivores will pile up leaves and sticks.
sauropods will dig a hole on an open plain then lay the eggs and then pile up leaves on the eggs except they have to go get the leaves so the males stay and keep watch of the eggs so troodon wont get them.
ornithopod herbivores will pile sticks and leaves then lay their eggs
marine reptiles will lay eggs in water and burry them with sand
pteranodon will find caves in the side of mountains and make stick nests to lay eggs

what happens when dinos hatch from their eggs
when hatchlings are born they will be taken care of by their parents and raised example an adult velociraptors will catch small prey and bring it to the hatchlings for them to eat.
or a herbivore will always checkup on its hatchling and the hatchling feeds when the herd makes a little pitstop for food.
hatchlings will always join the pack or herd their parent is in but a dinosaur like a tyrannosaurus will start to roam free when it reaches mid juvinile but if the pack already has its complete flocksize number the hatchlings will make a pack of their own but still be taken care of by their parents until it is a full adult
when a dinosaur hatches it is taken care of by the mother if it is being targeted as prey and the parents or herd notice it doesn't matter what species the attacker is the parents will fight for their brood showing protectiveness.
a hatchling will sleep with its mother and father to keep safe.
marine reptile hatchling will have to fend for itself and hide in the bits of coral
a pteranodon hatchling will be kept in a cave to be fed and given water by the adults.
carnivourus dinosaurs will teach their young how to hunt but if it is a pack hunter they wont only teach their own hatchlings but teach the others aswell.

the way dinos mate
small herbivores- the female will lay down then the male will get onto her and then insert his special organ into the female since male dinosaurs did not have a penis.
small carnivore- males will put their hands on the females backanf lift himself up and then get as close as he can and they mate they will start to vocalize.
sauropods- the males will hop onto the females back with the back legs still on the ground they will start to vocalize.
large carnivores- male will put his hands onto the females back and stand really close to her and inserts his special organ into her.
marine reptiles- will make whale like calls to attract a mate then the male will go to the females tale and slightly wrap around her to mate.
flying reptiles- will land in caves in a quadropedal position with the male on the females back they will also start to vocalize.
ornithopod herbivores- will put their front legs on the females back and start to vocalize

the way eggs are laid.
theropod small herbivore females will pile up leaves and sticks and then squat down to lay the eggs.
ceratopians will gather sticks leaves and grass then put their rear end down on the nest to lay the eggs
small carnivores will gather warm mud and leaves then squat down to lay the eggs in it.
large herbivores will dig holes on open plains and then have their backside down in the hole and push out the eggs then a pile of leaves is put there the males will protect their mates nest.
sauropods will dig a hole and lay the eggs in it and then go get leaves leaving the males as guards of the nests.
large carnivores will pile up leaves and sticks to lay the eggs and protect them
marine reptiles will lay eggs and pile sand on them then leave.
flying reptiles will lay eggs in a stick made nest in an abandoned cave protected by the pack

what happens if an attacker aproaches a dinosaurs nest.
small herbivores will pick up their eggs and find a safer part of the island
small carnivores like velociraptors will attack the attacker if this fails they will pick up their eggs and leave but others like albertosaurus and ceratosaurus have the pack attack the attacker if it fails they will run away and leave the eggs.
large herbivores will stand on their hind legs and smack back onto the ground vibrating the ground and scaring the intruder.
none horned ceratopians will make noises to scare the attacker away if this fails they just flee and leave the eggs but horned ceratopians will show off their horns and try to kill the attacker.
large carnivores will try and kill the attacker if it is small they will just pick it up and kill it but if it is another large carnivore it will engage in a death duel or a large herbivores migrating herd such as triceratops if the eggs have hatched the parents will leed them to a more safe part of the island if they havent hatched they will roar at the herd and get it to go in another direction.
marine reptiles wont do anything since the babies have to fend for themselves.
flying reptiles will swoop down at the attacker pecking it and scaring it away.

the ways mates are attracted
small herbivores-males will start to vocalize to try and get a female.
feathered small carnivores-show off their feathers and vocalize.
small carnivores-if not a pack hunter it will walk around the island vocalizing if it is a pack hunter it will call out to the opposite sex if the males have feathers they show off their feathers and vocalize
sauropods-males will hit their feet on the ground making vibrations and vocalize as loud as they can until a female comes along
ornithopod herbivores-males will show off their colours and vocalize
large carnivores-males and sometimes females make very loud calls to attract a mate.
pteranodon-will land in caves and start to vocalize very loud facing outside of the cave.
marine reptiles-males and females make loud whale like calls and swim around the island.
ceratopians-males will roar out as loud as they can and have fights with other males and show off their frills such as torosaurus males will flush blood to the frill and also fight over mates hitting their frills together.

places in the accurate isla sorna map
Cathy’s Beach
Gatherer’s camp
Hunter’s camp
Operations Center
Gas Station
Kiln House/Maintenance Shed
Lodge (For Scientists to stay at) / Boarding House
Field of Nightmares (Velociraptor Field)
The Cliffs
Valley of Death (Prelude to the town)
Dinosaur Game Trail
Tyrannosaurus Rex Nest
Embryonic Administration & Kennel Area (Within the Lab)
Kirby’s Jet crash-land site
Aviary (Canyon) & Observatory (part of the aviary)
The Forest Nesting Site (Seperate Velociraptor species nesting site)
Eric’s Fuel Truck Hideway
Military Rescue
Spinosaurus Boat Attack
Dinosaur Landscape
Stegosaurus Herd
Paragliding Crash Site
Dino-Soar Boat Crash Site
InGen Marina (Where the Spinosaurus Attacks the barge in Jurassic Park 3)

have the accurate isla sorna map based on this or exactly like this ignoring things like the spinosaurus vs tyrannosaurus

more extra stuff
anything listed in this continued version and the regular version of jpog 2 ideas is not in alphabetical order.this may have things said in the previous jpog 2 ideas Ignore anything i say about the tresspasser DINOSAURS and go with anything else.
The brachiosauruses i saud fom the first movie are females and the ones in jp3 are males.
maiasaurus are the most protective herbivore when it comes to parenting if their baby is in danger both the mother and the father will scare the threat away.
maiasaurus hatchlings are a light brown colour but as they get older they get darker and by adulthood they are normal brown.
the jurassic park the game velociraptors are in the nublarensis species.
instead of having ellie sattler as the park vet have gerry harding or sarah harding the park vet.
male pterosaurs are larger and darker than the females.
the second best parent is the tyrannosaurus rex because their babies are always being guarded by the mother while the male gos hunting.
all carnivores will stalk prey instead of just running in there and losing most of their prey.
small theropod herbivores such as gallimimus will attempt to hide in grass if a threat is nearby
velociraptors make nests in empty caves the males collect stcks and leaves while the female stays and lays her eggs
any dinosaur from jp1 or jurassic park the game is female
large herbivores stay out on open plains with some small herbivores like gallimimus, dryosaurus and pachycephalosaurus.
small herbivores like hypsiliphodon and othnielia including dryosaurus.they will stay in lush jungle climbing trees and eating the leaves on trees and venturing to the ground sometimes if danger is near and can reach them.
only afew herbivores are friends such as hypsiliphodon,dryosaurus and othnielia
during pterasaur mating season the species that have crests show off their crests (males only)
(herbivores only) novel dinosaurs and movie dinosaurs will make herds together but dont mate during mating season they have their own mating seasons an example novel parasaurolophus meet some movie parasaurolophus they herd together. in mating season the movie dinosaurs stay with mating with other movie dinosaurs and the novel dinosaurs only mate with the other novel dinosaurs (movie dinosaurs mating with only movie dinosaurs and same with the novel dinosaurs are to go with all dinosaurs)

when a trex nest is messy the female will clean it up and put new bedding in the center of the nest.
when it is mating season for tyrannosaurus the males will roar out to females but females also call out to males.another trex doesnt have to be in the same area it will travel the island looking for a mate stoping outside of uninhabited caves and giving loud mating roars.
velociraptor sornaensis and velociraptor nublarensis are both movie dinosaurs but wont mate with eachother an example is shown below.
velociraptor nublarensis pack with the jurassic park the game velociraptors because they are both basically the same species. velociraptor sornaensis will only pack with velociraptor sornaensis.
velociraptor mongleinsis mates in the same position a chicken does with the female laying down and male jump on her back and start to shake their feathers

how long until female dinosaurs lay their eggs after mating
large carnivores - 4 months
sauropods - 7 months
ceratopians - 5 months
ornithopod herbivores - 6 months
small feathered carnivores - 3 months
none feathered small carnivores 2 months
small herbivores - 2 months
flying reptiles - 5 months
marine reptiles - 8 months

how many eggs a female dinosaur lays after mating
another reason why I said massive islands to fit more dinosaurs
large carnivores - 3
ornithopod herbivores - 30-40
sauropods - 12
ceratopians - 11
small feathered carnivores - 5
small none feathered carnivores - 5
small herbivores - 20
flying reptiles - 8
marine reptiles - 7

how long until eggs hatch
small herbivores- 3 months
small feathered carnivores- 3 months ( one extra month to develop the feathers)
small non-feathered carnivores-2 months
sauropods-7 months
ornithopod herbivores- 5 months
large carnivores-6 months
marine reptiles-8 months
flying reptiles-4 months

new dinosaurs
Amblydactylus cf. kortmeyeri
Amblydactylus sp.
dwarf allosaurus
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Re: Jpog 2 idea list

Unread postby paleontolgisticguy » Tue, 23rd Oct 2012 8:23

I had to have a second one because there was no room in the first one
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Re: Jpog 2 idea list

Unread postby raptorclaw » Wed, 24th Oct 2012 0:34

Uh, I hate to burst your bubble, but there will never be a JPOG 2, but you're more than welcome to try to create your own, by means of modding and downloading mods.

My mods can help you with:
-Male and female dinosaurs (14 pairs), but they aren't skinned.
-Prenocephale and Microraptor
-Some new buildings: extraction chamber and food car
-Increased lifespans, but more realistic

There's plenty more mods out there to use, such as the FCM and the Movie Universe pack, but most of your ideas are impossible to do via modification.
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Re: Jpog 2 idea list

Unread postby paleontolgisticguy » Tue, 30th Oct 2012 8:19

shut up!, I know it isnt possible through modding I just wanted to get it out there so people could see my ideas,howcome you post on everything I post on or my posts
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Re: Jpog 2 idea list

Unread postby V-Raptor » Tue, 30th Oct 2012 20:45

He's active and there aren't a lot of new threads around. If you post on a slow day, chances are he'll reply. Don't go flattering yourself.

Disclaimer: I haven't played JPOG in years, take any advice with a pinch of salt.
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Re: Jpog 2 idea list

Unread postby raptorclaw » Wed, 31st Oct 2012 2:10

V-Raptor wrote:He's active and there aren't a lot of new threads around. If you post on a slow day, chances are he'll reply. Don't go flattering yourself.

In fact, I'm one of the most active people here. I probably check at least ten times a day, when I'm not busy. And like I said before, I'm just telling you fact. I like your ideas, but the problem is Bluetounge is defunct.
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