Crusher's 98 Isla Exodus

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Crusher's 98 Isla Exodus

Unread postby Crusher98 » Thu, 8th Oct 2009 19:57

Here is my new island the link and a screenshot

dinos:Edmontosaurus 10
ankylosaurus 10
corythosaurus 10
gallimimus 30
homacelophale 30
parasaurolophus 30
pachycelophasaurus 10
styracorasaurus 10
torosaurus 10
ticeratops 10
albertosaurus 10
velociraptor 10
T-rex 1
3)copy/paste into your Savegame folder.

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Re: Crusher's 98 Isla Exodus

Unread postby Reprieve » Thu, 8th Oct 2009 20:10

Scrapyard until instructions issued
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Re: Crusher's 98 Isla Exodus

Unread postby Raging Raptor » Thu, 8th Oct 2009 22:40

Aside from that, very nice island! 8/10, IMO. I don't like those "realistic islands" because half the time, they are just variations of ovals, which gets tiring. This is a very nice idea and execution. Good job. And if you don't know what Neo meant by "scrapyard until instructions issued." I will PM you then if needed.
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Re: Crusher's 98 Isla Exodus

Unread postby RAPTOR202 » Wed, 1st Jan 2014 13:21

I like this map , I will definatly use this later
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