FslHunt.ini, dino-swapping

Game structure files (fslhunt.ini, eng.txt, research.ini, constant.ini, bldmenu.ini, etc) doubts

FslHunt.ini, dino-swapping

Unread postby Peenut2k7 » Thu, 11th Feb 2016 21:09

Alright, a bit of an odd question, but, recently, I have been thinking about moving the T. rex in the Judith River B digsite to the Hell Creek B digsite, and the Edmontosaurus vice versa. I attempted to change the 'trex' in the { trex, cory, styrac } bit to 'edmonto', and the 'edmonto' in { tricera, edmont, pachy } to 'trex', but, not did the Fossil hunt info screen list the same dinosaurs as it would unmodified, but, upon entering the hatchery the game crashes.

Am I doing something wrong?

(Also, bit of an unrelated question, but is it possible to have more than three dinosaurs in a formation?)
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