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Camera Mod

Unread postby SycoJack » Thu, 19th Jun 2014 9:02

JPOG is one of my favorite games of all time and certainly my favorite park builder. Unfortunately it has been plagued with a crippling issue. The camera is horrid, absolutely horrid. In fact, it's so bad that over the past several years, every time I boot the game up, I end up closing it right back out after just a few minutes in game.

Well, I am done with that. I have been looking for a mod that would address this issue, that would allow me to zoom further out. Unfortunately there is no such mod as far as I can tell. So I must create it myself. Unfortunately again, I have no idea what I'm doing. So far this is what I've done.

Code: Select all
   FollowCamMinPitch = -30;
   FollowCamMaxPitch =  10;
   FollowCamMaxDistanceOffset =  20;
   WorldCamMinPitch = -85; // I set this to 85 because when set to 90 it tends to flip, which is unwanted.
   WorldCamMaxPitch = -85;  // I set this to 85 because the sudden angle change when zooming in is obnoxious. If there is a way to modify that behavior, I'd love to know about it. I still might change this later.
   WorldCamMinDistance =  12;
   WorldCamMaxDistance =  200; // I believe this is what allows
   WorldCamTerrainOffset = -2;
   WorldCamFOVWhenLow =  35;
   WorldCamFOVWhenHigh =  150; // I'm not sure what these do, one of them for sure changes the FoV when zoomed out and lets you see more of the island. But I don't know which.
   WorldCamMinFOVHeight =  10;
   WorldCamMaxFOVHeight =  150;  // See the last comment, if someone can explain this settings for me, that'd be awesome. 

Code: Select all
   HIGH_DinoFadeNearDistance =  51350;
   HIGH_DinoFadeFarDistance =  51380;
   HIGH_BuildingFadeNearDistance =  51350;
   HIGH_BuildingFadeFarDistance =  51380;
   HIGH_TreeFadeNearDistance =  51350;
   HIGH_TreeFadeFarDistance =  51380;
   HIGH_RoadAddonFadeNearDistance =  51350;
   HIGH_RoadAddonFadeFarDistance =  51380;
   HIGH_VehicleFadeNearDistance =  51350;
   HIGH_VehicleFadeFarDistance =  51380;
   HIGH_WallFadeNearDistance =  51380;
   HIGH_WallFadeFarDistance =  51410;
   HIGH_VisitorFadeNearDistance =  51270;
   HIGH_VisitorFadeFarDistance =  51300;
   HIGH_GrassFadeNearDistance =  51135;
   HIGH_GrassFadeFarDistance =  51000;
   HIGH_TerrainDrawDistance =  51000;  // Every setting before this one was changed. I think they are related to draw distance, but I can't tell a difference when drastically changing the settings. Currently the draw distance is pretty crap, so I'm trying to figure out how to fix that. So far no luck. Hoping someone that still hangs around here will know.
   HIGH_SkySegs =  20;
   HIGH_SkySlices =  20;
   HIGH_SkyHeight =  1000; // This change is final, there's no need for me to change it further.
   HIGH_WaterSegs =  72;
   HIGH_WaterRings =  50;
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