help needed adding dinosaur with diferent skin

Game structure files (fslhunt.ini, eng.txt, research.ini, constant.ini, bldmenu.ini, etc) doubts

help needed adding dinosaur with diferent skin

Unread postby barret-rex » Fri, 27th Sep 2013 4:23

today, i finished my own mod
that contain new digsite and 4 new dinosaurs that contain the giraffatitan, giganotosaurus, carnotaurus and saltasaurus but alas...
the new dinosaurs have the same skin when i put a different skin for they
for example the giraffatitan has the same skin from brachiosaurus
the new digsite appears but... appears this equis
i am working yet to put the digsite in the correct location
but don´t know what to do with the dino skins
thanks for your help
progressing in tmd editing
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