Skin, mods and location ideas

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Skin, mods and location ideas

Unread postby Universal genesis » Thu, 15th Mar 2012 17:03

Well, I have some ideas for new creatures and mods. But since I can't skin, nor mod, it's useless to me.

So I taught, why not make it useful for others!

Note: Any creatures that replace the old files, I will not download, guaranteed.


Made from: I dunno. Probably T.rex, Spino or Carchar.
Info: Obviously, it will neither look a lot like Zilla, nor can it be made by someone who doesn't know how to make things bigger, or change the sounds they make. Zilla should be the biggest thing in the game, and capable of killing everything in a single hit. A 5 star attraction with health like a champ. His aggression should be relatively low for a carnivore. Not recommend to keep in a park.
Dig site: Hell Creek b?

Made from: Carchar, obviously.
Info: A recollored Carchar. However, its roars are changed. No more of the wimpy sounding JPOG Carchar roars. Why not give it Dinosaur Planet's Carchar roars! It should come in a pack, together with the Patagonia dig site.
Dig Site: Patagonia. Or else it can go in the Morrison formation.

Made from: Camarasaurus
Info: take a Camarasaurus. Recollor it. Remove its ability to run. Make it more fearless. And increase it's sixe and health dramatically. Then you have Argentinosaurus. Its size will satisfy your
visitors for sure, making it a five star attraction.
Dig site: Patagonia. Other wise Morison.

Made from: Edmontosaurus
Info: Take an Edmontosaurus, recollor it, make it around as long as a Brachosaurus and give it tons of health. Then you have Huaxiaosaurus. It should be impervious to attack of all small carnivores and it should have the T class of Brachiosaurus, meaning it won't just run from predators, but will try to scare them away. It should have a more menacing sounding roar, because I doubt something with the roar of a JPOG Edmonto could scare a T.rex away by roaring at it.


Sauropod Mod:
Affected creatures: Brachiosaurus, Camarasaurus and creatures modeled of them.
Info: Brachiosaurus is now able to be killed by Large Carnivores. However, it gains a method to defend itself. Remember the stomp Brachiosaurus does when it feels threatened? Well, with this mod, it would be an attack. If any predator stands to close, it would receive quite a bit of damage. Now Camarasaurus also becomes a better fighter. Instead of running from all predators, Camarasaurus will now face small carnivores, head on. It will also be able to deal damage with its stomp. This mod also enables Sauropods to ram trough small fences.

Dig Sites:

Giganotosaurus, king of the dinosaurs.
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Re: Skin, mods and location ideas

Unread postby argentinevol » Fri, 27th Apr 2012 2:01

Sounds like a great idea.
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