Excellent FOV and zoom adjustments. (tutorial maybe?)

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Excellent FOV and zoom adjustments. (tutorial maybe?)

Unread postby alaska » Mon, 12th Dec 2011 2:07

I am going to explain the functions of the camera adjustments to my knowledge and explain the advatages of them.
The maximum and minimum pitch adjustments: these control how much your point of veiw will look up and down as you zoom in, and out. Negative settings are looking down, positive would make the camera look up (90 is straight up, -90 straight down)my preferance is a minpitch of -80 and a max of -10. My Point of veiw is a large overhead veiw of the island when doomed out ( minpitch -80) and flat looking through the trees, about the height of the hatchary, straight ahead. ( maxpitch -3)

The terrian offset adjust how you travel over terrian, such as hills and mountians. With what I experimented with a setting of about negative two will make your point of veiw float basicly on top of the terrian bouncing around. A setting of (I can't remember of this was set to negitive or positive) 20 aloud me to "ghost" through terrain changes like mountians.

The high and low FOV settings will adjust how much much you will see of the gameworld, AS you zoom in and out, along with adjusting how your FOV will change and "blend" between zooming in and out.

The FOV when low adjust how much of the island will "fit" on your screen as you zoom in. The reverse for the high adjustment, this is as you zoom out. The amount these change and blend depend on your maximum world cam distance and max/min FOV height(s) my cam distance is set to a min of 1 and a max of 190. Min and max FOV heights are what determines your limit of your fov as you zoom in, and out. Like a limit, too high of a setting on max will make the whole island appear as you zoom out, It all depends on taste. And belive me...the whole island will fit...along with other adjustments made...which have to be done in order to have a larger zoom. Get to that in a moment...

Ok in section with low medium and high(s) I belive their the base numbers for whatever your gratified settings are, low bad, high max, 1-3 in the setup, if I'm not mistaken please correct me if I am. I'm not you.g to explain the draw distances, if the game lags keep these low, anything over 500 will Probley cause the game to crash. In ORDER to increace you zoom, you must increase the skyheight at least your max cam distance adjustment. Or else as you zoom out you will see...you will see...CLOUDs that your cannot see through...lol.

I hope this can make you Jurassic park experience that much better with a new veiw of your island. Adjust these gradually untill you are familiar with the results. As in the end, its your taste on how you want to veiw the world. But I was surly sick of the camera I hated it.

TIP: Did you know you can adjust your resolution to fit any screen? Go into the options folder and adjust your resolution to whatever you screen size is, stretching is minimum. I play on my laptop with a screen of 1366 x 768 and I'm very satisfied with proportions.
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Re: Excellent FOV and zoom adjustments.

Unread postby Reprieve » Mon, 12th Dec 2011 2:46

Wait until you can get access to a computer so you can lay it out properly. Then I think you might be onto something.
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