INX File Editing

Game structure files (fslhunt.ini, eng.txt, research.ini, constant.ini, bldmenu.ini, etc) doubts

INX File Editing

Unread postby Patient0 » Mon, 20th Mar 2017 0:35

Hey everyone,

I'm new at editing the JPOG files but I've been exploring how to reduce crowding in the park but increasing the capacity visitors can enter buildings and attractions. We've seen it a million times. Everyone waiting in line at the toilet has really frak'd me for the last time.

So...I've been messing with the INX files and so far I've only been able to increase how many visitors can wait in line :facepalm:

Does anyone know how to change the value for how many people can use the bathroom at once or at least change how long they take :hehee:

Any help would be much appreciated although I will continue to mess with the files on my own.
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