PMEP Pachy help

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PMEP Pachy help

Unread postby Nozomi » Thu, 30th Jun 2016 23:58

I've gone back to this game and installed PMEP. The Pachys do the standoff-with-smaller-carnivores roaring, that's really neat, but I've never seen one actually manage a headbutt. I've mostly tested with Ceratosaurs, but generally, by the time the Pachy is orienting itself for the headbutt (I guess?), it's bitten, falls down, then flees in panic (or at least runs in a bunch of half-circles).

I've been poking around the files and not seeing what's causing that - I want Pachys to be rather dangerous for small carnivores to hunt. Anyone have suggestions? Additionally, what do the DNA Traits do? Do those affect the viewing platform/dome/etc. scores?
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Re: PMEP Pachy help

Unread postby lensmall002 » Wed, 17th May 2017 16:32

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