Southeast herbivores in Site B?

FSM files help.

Southeast herbivores in Site B?

Unread postby WanderingLamb96 » Mon, 27th Jul 2015 15:26

Hi all.

I know the GEP fixes this issue, however I am running PMEP because the herbivores fight back in that mod, which I find much more natural.

I was running a test where I left the game running all night, and I found that no matter where they "migrate" to in he short run, in the long run they always, without fail, find themselves in the southeast corner of the island. It's rather irritating because when I went to sleep I had 100 sauropods in total, when I woke up I found 54 of them had died from malnutrition because they spent all their time in the water in that far corner.

Where in the FSM's does this little error in the code exist? How can I un-do it?
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