Removing or adding ground shake effects

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Removing or adding ground shake effects

Unread postby brolyeuphyfusion » Wed, 8th Jun 2016 8:18

Ever thought that you needed to remove that (unrealistic) obvious ground-shaking effect from elephant-sized theropods? Elephants don't even shake the ground when they walk! So why should an Acrocanthosaurus that isn't really THAT much larger than an African elephant shake the ground as if it were a freaking Giraffatitan?

Heck, Allosaurus causes ground shake while Parasaurolophus doesn't, even though Parasaurolophus walkerii would have been similar to A. tendagurensis in mass.

And have you noticed that Ouranosaurus shakes the ground, while other dinosaurs of similar size don't?

Well, your theropods and ouranosaurs may be earthshakers, but mine certainly aren't.

And made a Shantungosaurus out of an Edmontosaurus model, and it doesn't feel like a ~17-tonne creature?

Now you can remove those nonsensical theropod earthquakes and give your Shantungosaurus the feel of a true titan!

1. Open the inx of the dinosaur you want to add/remove the shaking effect from

2. Find these lines (taken from the Ourano.inx):

Code: Select all
[b]            duration=0.2;
It's just below the blocks of code which control the hatchery preview.

3. Edit the duration, magnitude, radius, and fadeduration values to appropriate levels. In my large theropods, I turn all four of them to zero. Same with the Ouranosaurus.

No more earthquake allosaurs! :D

To add shaking just increase the numbers. The Ourano's vanilla values above should do just fine for a Shantungosaurus or a Huaxiaosaurus.

4. Save your inx

6. Open JPOG and enjoy more realistic dinosaur physics
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