The forgotten mod help

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The forgotten mod help

Unread postby danielduarte » Mon, 15th Jun 2015 1:35

So I've been playing JPOG with The Forgotten mod for weeks, but after watching Jurassic World, I've been trying to make some changes to the game. I want to swap some dinosaurs, so I can have some exercise exclusives in operation genesis mode. I've been trying to make this changes:
Indominus for yanchuanosaurus
supersaurus for tenontosaurus
female Trex for male Trex
Old Trex for alioramus (i'm not sure if it is possible)

I'm only asking for help cause only today I reinstalled my game 3 times, because I get white dinos or my game just breaks and ceases to start.

I've been following some tutorials on adding new dinos, but their not working for me.

Can someone help me or do it for me.
Anyway thanks.
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