How do I change how "scary" an uncaged dino is

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How do I change how "scary" an uncaged dino is

Unread postby JeremyD » Sun, 25th May 2014 19:16

I personally find it ridiculous that every guest in the park evacuates screaming "I don't want to die here!" from the sheer unspeakable horror of seeing ONE dryosaurus on the path. :lul: :facepalm:
I mean, I can understand being scared of almost any other dino in the game (except maybe gallimimus)
But A Dryosaurus? :x3:
so is there a file in each dino ini that determines how "scary" it is, or is that a guest file?
I'd like to have some free-roaming dryos, gallis, and maybe even homalocephalae in my park.

Nevermind, I found it, it's this line in the constant.ini file:
VisitorFriendlyDinoSecDrop = .03;
I changed the number to .001 and presto! no more scary Dryos
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