Fence Problem!

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Fence Problem!

Unread postby Kevlar » Fri, 16th Aug 2013 10:42

Hi guys!

I changed the models of my fence type 1 and 3 because I wanted to have the kind of fence where the rex broke out but with a security level of 3..

Now I can build type 3 looking ones in the beginning and upgrade them to type 1 looking with high security level...

I also changed the inx files but they are only responsible for the previewscreens...

Now my problem is: the aniomations for the electricity did not change.. So I have current animations of the type 3 one flying above my type 1 looking fence! This doesn´t look great..

Any ideas how to change that?


Edit: Common guys.. somebody must have an idea... Legion, RaptorClaw, LethalGene you do have an idea right?

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