how to make compys (dryo) attack other dinos

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how to make compys (dryo) attack other dinos

Unread postby ch4dg » Sun, 10th Feb 2013 20:04


i've almost finished my pack, i've been playing it to find gliches and probs etc and the only thing i can find is the compy's (cloned dryo's) when ever i alter there behaviour it screws them up, in the game they just come out of the hatchery and start panicking instantly, has any one else mangaged to get these to act like raptor's... packing together and swarming prey?

any ideas?
i tryed the obvious just editting so they aint scared of large prey,
copy a raptors behaiour to the compys
and loads of trial and errors and cant get it to work,

any help is massively appreciated
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Re: how to make compys (dryo) attack other dinos

Unread postby raptorclaw » Tue, 12th Feb 2013 1:02

Change the dryo's t-class to the raptor's.
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