modern creaturs project

Animal/Building ini, inx and nwt doubts

modern creaturs project

Unread postby aid456 » Wed, 2nd Jun 2010 23:21

I was wondering about what it would be like to have modern day animals in JPOG. :approve: yeah well you get the idea... :los: well lets just say you want some too,well I kinda need someone who can skin mods,unfourtenatly ,I can only mod... :x3: :x3: :x3: :x3: :x3: :x3:
anyway ...New animal/based on

cape buffalo/toro
duck and other water foul/dryo
leopard seal/styraco

I`ll change some of there tclass and other things on there change the water foul animals that are based on dryo more aquatic.

I should tell you that I`ll add in the download when I figure out how to skin new animals...
you can also give me ideas for more modding. :clap:
LOL to the Maximum. :P
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Re: modern creaturs project

Unread postby -Cozur » Sat, 5th Jun 2010 1:05

It won't work, it's a horrible idea.

Also, before you learn to actually skin and mod, please don't make pointless threads like this, it just takes up space.
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Re: modern creaturs project

Unread postby sheepysean » Sat, 5th Jun 2010 18:41

aid456 wrote:rhino/tricera
cape buffalo/toro
leopard seal/styraco

In what world would anyone be able to do those?
Styraco as a seal???
Dryo as a penguin???
It would be good if these were possible though.
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Re: modern creaturs project

Unread postby Radical96 » Wed, 29th Oct 2014 9:20

Bad idea, It's impossible to do that.
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