A question about modding the sound of JPOG

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A question about modding the sound of JPOG

Unread postby Black Death » Wed, 30th Nov 2016 23:12

Hello! I'm Black Death, and I'm a newbie at Modding Genesis.

For quite a few days, I have been thinking about making a comprehensive audio overhaul of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. As the compendium of sounds in the game is in dire straits as it is, I was wondering if it was possible to expand it without fudging something up.

The only thing I have tried was using the Sound.ini in the sound folder of the game itself to add new entries. Sadly, whenever I would do this, something in the sound would go awkwardly wrong (eg. hearing inappropriate sounds for water steps and the like). Has anyone come up with a way to bypass this and add new sounds to the game that work just fine? As a sound designer myself, I would love to hear a broader compendium of sounds in the game, and I'd be much obliged if someone has any input on this.
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