Really need a hand with someting simple - Empty Save Game!

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Really need a hand with someting simple - Empty Save Game!

Unread postby JakeIsTheGuy » Wed, 29th Jun 2011 18:19

Hey guys just a quick post asking if someone can give me a hand.

All I need is someone to load up Operation Genesis mode, save the game, and post it here to download. That's it. Start a game, save, and post.

REASON: My computer doesn't allow the creation of OG maps. I just crashes. However, I can play OG if I have a savegame to load up. I've tried it before and it worked, only the maps had already been substatially played on. All I want is an empty map, standard starting money all that jazz.

Please can someone help!


Oh and BTW whoever helps me will be shouted out and thanked on my YouTube page when I do an OG LP :)

Thanks in advance!

Oh and note, apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. I'm sure a mod will move it if it is!
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