Increase Maximum Size of The Island

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Increase Maximum Size of The Island

Unread postby Sonic Ramone » Thu, 29th Apr 2010 14:42

Hello Jurassic friends! :)

I need help for a question.
Is there a way to increase the maximum size of the islands?
I would like to develop a park on an island very, very big, mainly because the Nublar and Sorna Islands are gigantic in comparison with other Pacific islands and the islands created in the game. :lul:
I think that a map five times bigger would be ideal! :iria:

Another question:
How do I increase the height of the mountains? :(
I wanted to create maps with mountain peaks in the shape of needles, like the ones
in the old dinosaur movies. :stoned:

Thanks! :amused:
Life always finds a way.
Sonic Ramone
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Re: Increase Maximum Size of The Island

Unread postby Raptor_King » Thu, 29th Apr 2010 19:31

:dry: This is posted in the wrong place. And, by the way, making an island bigger is impossible.
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Re: Increase Maximum Size of The Island

Unread postby Bradosaurus23170 » Thu, 24th Mar 2011 9:45

you can make your mountaines more pointy by using a mod on the "jurassic park legacy" website there are loads of enviroment mods by "evilrex" one of wich alows you to erode mountaines
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