Why attachments do not exist and how to upload

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Why attachments do not exist and how to upload

Unread postby Reprieve » Tue, 10th Feb 2009 21:51

Attachments don't exist because we moved site recently and left them all behind

And no, they won't come back
If you want them then PM or e-mail the creator of the file

To upload a file yourself you must do it via filefront or some other uploading site

Pictures can be uploaded via servimg or some other image hosting site
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Downloading from Megaupload!

Unread postby V-Raptor » Thu, 2nd Jul 2009 16:05

Megaupload, Mediafire etc.

With the attachments down, skinners/modder have to upload their file to sites like mediafire and megaupload.

This is just a way to download from megaupload without having to wait those 40 seconds. (Only works on FireFox!)

When you click the link, you go to the megaupload page and then have enter the characters in the box. Once you do, the site takes you to the download page. The trick is done here. You see the countdown there? Now, go to the "view" tab on the top of the browser, and hover with your mouse over "page styles". There you should see two options: "basic style" and "no styles". Click no styles. the page should now look like this:

The countdown is still there, as you can see, but the download button is "uncovered". All you have to to is click on it and enjoy.

    This works with other sites too, but not all of them. I suggest trying this in every different site.
    My browser is in Portuguese language, so the paths I indicated may not have those exact names.

Disclaimer: I haven't played JPOG in years, take any advice with a pinch of salt.
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