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Unread postby brabagul123 » Tue, 1st Jun 2010 13:09

Ohh!!! i forggot does this mod affect raptor/rex death duel? :sweatdrop: i think i like it more when my raptors fall of of my rexy they would not run away and wait for a few seconds or minuites to attack again, insted they would attack continueosly..., when they fall off after the first attack i mean and then non-stop attacking until my t-rex dies :grin: :clap: :pleased: please reply or pm me plsss... thank u
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Re: Carnivore Territory Mod

Unread postby superhans8 » Fri, 2nd Jul 2010 11:12

Malice Synn wrote:This mod is kinda strange; it has two tutorials.

Note: If you have the GEP installed, do not use the Spino.nwt that it gives you, use the original one. I hope you made a backup of it!

Note: Always make backups of your files before modding!! I can't stress that enough. You don't need to do this for Spino. And be sure to change POutput_Large_Carnivore_Threat (in the .ini) to 0.0 for all subjects of this mod.

This mod makes it so that if a large carnivore loses a fight, it won't run around in a panic like a giant chicken.

Known Issues
Certain missions are buggy, like Danger Island Safari. But I'd rather have better carnivores than my favorite mission. I think it's worth it.

Large Carnivore Tutorial
It's very simple:
First, make a new folder on your desktop and name it something like "Large Carnivore backup .NWTs". Next, go to C:\Program Files\Universal Interactive\Blue Tongue Software\Jurassic Park Operation Genesis\JPOG\Data, then Units, then select the large carnivore of your choice. I'll go with Trex for an example. Make a backup of Trex's .NWT file and put it in Large Carnivore backup .NWTs folder on your desktop. Then go back to Trex's .NWT file in Units and delete it. After that, go to Spino's .NWT file and copy it. Paste it in the empty space where Trex's .NWT file used to be and rename it Trex. (or if you're doing this to some other large canivore, use the appropriate name)

There, you're done. Now the lucky dinosaur(s) you did this to will no longer run in panic if they see the dino they lost a fight to.

Note: If you do this to Allo, make sure you go to its .ini and increase PInput_Size to 0.7 and PInput_Offensive to 0.8, and change its TClass to Carcha or Acro.

Small Carnivore Tutorial
Alberto: I also know how to make Albertosaurus not afraid of large carnivores. Like in the tutorial above, make a copy of Alberto's .nwt and put it in the folder I told you to create. Then delete Alberto's .nwt and replace it with a copy of Spino's .nwt, and rename it Alberto. After you've done that, go to Alberto's .ini file and change PInput_Size to 0.7 and LEAVE THE TCLASS ALONE.
Cerato: Same as Alberto.
Dilos & Raptors: This mod also works with Dilos and Raptors! Just change PInput_Size to 0.7 and PInput Offensive to 0.8 and swap their .nwts with spino as instructed.

Enjoy, and comments please.

yeah I spelled it the way

My entire mods in one link: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=7762
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