JPOG sounds messed up

Game structure files (fslhunt.ini, eng.txt, research.ini, constant.ini, bldmenu.ini, etc)

JPOG sounds messed up

Unread postby MC_Jpog » Mon, 16th Jan 2012 13:11

I'm afraid I'm not posting this on correct section of the forum, would ask a admin to move it, if it is on wrong place...

My Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis has a big problem, that never happened to me... The sound are all messed up, I mean, in the "wrong place".

Example nº 1: When I press the OpGenesis Mode button, instead of having John Hammond saying like: "Hello, my name is John Hammond...", I have that girl that manages the park, or sort of (I don't know her name, maybe Jake something? ) saying "Take to the skies, has Jurassic Park baloon..."

Example nº 2: When the carnivores are scared , I hear the sound of the goat, the normal one, (meeeh), but they can show their growls too...

Example nº 3: This happens on Site B, and maybe in OpGenesis Mode (don't tried on OPG M) I get Robert Muldoon saying "Good work , the autorities will never suspect a thing"... many and many times... This is strange... I tried replacing Sounds.ini with the original that came with the game, but it didn't worked...

Maybe someone knows how to get this right?
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Re: JPOG sounds messed up

Unread postby dinohunter3463 » Mon, 3rd Sep 2012 18:14

you may have to get a new game :x3:
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