Dino Poop Mod (AKA Baby Dinos)

Game structure files (fslhunt.ini, eng.txt, research.ini, constant.ini, bldmenu.ini, etc)

Re: Dino Poop Mod (AKA Baby Dinos)

Unread postby messagefromdrsattler » Tue, 8th Jun 2010 19:27

AWESOME! I loved watching the surprise a T-rex had when a tiny little Spinosaurus came out its rear end and attacked it. :clap:

My Site B of 700 dinosaurs nearly doubled in like two minutes, I had no idea it could go over 999 LOL

Also I figured out something accidentally.
I guess those other two files you have to name "excrmnt" will make the dino sound like another dino, cause I only changed the "excrmnt.ini" from Spino to Dryosaurus. They were running around making giant footsteps and roaring like Spinosaurus does. :lul:
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