New Digsite with New Dino Skins

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New Digsite with New Dino Skins

Unread postby Jurassic Jim » Tue, 25th Oct 2016 0:10

Okay... It has been a couple years since I have been here or play JPOG but, I recently started messing around again and have been trying to put new skinned dino's in new dig site. I renamed a dig site and was able to get dino's from existing matlib dig stite but, want to create new named digsite with new dinos.
I have done some trouble shooting.. When I rename a (matlib) dig site from dinos_"any-site" to dinos_"new name", the game always crashes when you try to build dino in hatchery.
However once you acquire a fossil from the original dig site the new dig site it is copied from, the game does not crash. So somewhere in the code it must flip a variable to allow skins after you acquire the fossil.....
Jurassic Jim
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