JW-FallenKingdom JPOG-ModPack

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JW-FallenKingdom JPOG-ModPack

Unread postby fdinick » Sun, 23rd Jul 2017 21:21

Hello, I would like to announce the ModPack for the new movie of the franchise is already being in production !!!

The team is still being formed but we have some members of JWEP and the union of skinners of INGEN-Mod2, but we still lack modelers familiar with the new tool Equinox, those who are willing to help us will be welcome.

It is still too early to announce anything, but we DONE the skins of the dinos already revealed for the new movie:

As the news comes up we are increasing elements for the PACK.

Be sure to follow this topic with every novelty it will be updated to your delight

Download Now the 1.0 version of JW FallenKingdom ModPack:
***ATENTION!!! First instal JW COLLECTION PACK in your JPOG***

http://www.moddb.com/mods/jw-collection ... modpack-10
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