RaptorRaider's Gila Monster Raptor [HD]

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RaptorRaider's Gila Monster Raptor [HD]

Unread postby RaptorRaider » Fri, 26th Jun 2015 7:39

Hello everyone!
I just figured out how to create HD skins, thanks to MrGorsh's tutorial which you can find here.
My inspiration is one of my favorite lizards, the Gila Monster, which has a venomous bite so watch out!
I also decided to use this idea on my favorite dinosaur, Velociraptor.
Unfortunately I don't have the original TML files, so you'll have to put the DDS files into your own TMLs.
v1.2 - Original Black
v2.2 - Gila Orange
v3.0 - Stealth Red
Realistic - Woodland Brown
Realistic - Forest Green
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