Forumlaunch is closing, Jurassic Island is coming

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Forumlaunch is closing, Jurassic Island is coming

Unread postby Kovu » Mon, 2nd May 2016 17:25

If you haven't seen Tao's announcement yet: Forumlaunch - our host - is closing its doors soon.

Those of you who regularly checked this community for activity probably remember that we've been talking about reviving my old Jurassic Park community Jurassic Island in order to save what's left of the MG community. Sadly, we haven't come up with a proper website concept yet, but the announcement of Forumlaunch's shut down was reason enough for me to install a fresh copy of phpBB3 on my own server, to have a community running where the MG veterans could stay.

Work is still in progress, but the basic settings are done so that people can register and start their discussions. I hope to see you there soon, I would enjoy to start some discussions like in the good old days here, and... help is needed. I'm alone right now ;)
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