Convergent Evolution can be quite... convergent

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Convergent Evolution can be quite... convergent

Unread postby Legion » Wed, 24th Jul 2013 3:14 ... very-time/

Like I said in the title, convergent evolution is nothing particularly new, but what I found interesting in the article is just how convergent it can really be. Now, I don't think this should take anyone by surprise since the lizards all had similar genetic backgrounds and therefore their adaptational peaks would obviously be the same, but I take this as an interesting read nonetheless.
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Re: Convergent Evolution can be quite... convergent

Unread postby messagefromdrsattler » Tue, 21st Jan 2014 18:46

it's exactly what i think when i see all these dinosaurs - herbivores and carnivores - having mostly useless forearms and dominant legs

reminds me of something i read researching paleobiology in a college class

they were talking about all animals having a "homo-box" which means how we all have a backbone, two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, etc.

just think about how long it's been since THAT adaptation peaked
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