Aurornis is The Oldest 'Bird' Known

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Aurornis is The Oldest 'Bird' Known

Unread postby Kovu » Wed, 12th Jun 2013 20:47

...and confirms Archaeopteryx as primitive bird.
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Re: Aurornis is The Oldest 'Bird' Known

Unread postby Eriorguez » Sun, 16th Jun 2013 19:20

And basically makes Aves and Avialae synonims, and places Troodontids closer to birds than to Dromaeosaurids, and places Balaur as the sister taxon of pygostylia...

The animal is a bit unremarkable, typical underived paravian, but the underlying changes of phylogenics due to Andrea Cau working on said paper and therefore using his matrix (one with plenty of stuff going on) are the interesting bit.
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