Safari Park and Arena

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Safari Park and Arena

Unread postby Levrex » Thu, 31st Dec 2009 15:54

Hi there, i am proud to upload Safari Park map+additional dino-fight map Arena. First one is beautiful, i think. I tried to make it look like movie, so please subscribe, if you have the same feelings.
The main attraction of the Park is 4 Safari Routes:
1) Velociraptor Cliff
2) Lake tour
3) Main Route, features almost all the stuff
4) Jurassic Route

I tried to keep the authenticity at high level, but Ellie Spam distracted me :dry: and there are Dryosaurs now having fun with Gallis and Edmontosaurs.

- Raptor Mountain
- Spinosaurus Bay (1 Spino+3-5 Ouranosaurus as prey)
- Jurassic River Delta, features all Jurassic dinos except Sauropods
- Peaceful Mountain Lake
- All 25 species of dinos
- Beauty at several places

Known Issues:
- With GEP mod, you have always to revive Stegos'n'Kentros, paralysed by Dilophosaurs venom.
- Have to incubate new dinos, especially dryosaurs, each month, otherwise their population will die.
- Raptors often start rampaging... i wonder, why. Also, they could often stuck in the grass with GEP mod.
- Beware of T-Rex and Allosaurus at the route of Safari Jeeps - last time they crashed the jeep visitors were saved by a miracle.
- Don't look at numerous visitor fatalities... 67 of them were caused by me.

- Sometimes dinos can die of malnutrition while trying to make its way to big lake through mountains.

Mod/original JP compatible:
Yes, but strongly recommend to use FSM files from GEP mod, because it prevents SouthWest migration.
Another map is Arena, which i decided to made after readin' this topic:
(named Site B - 31 Dec 5-13 PM)

Includes FreeFight for water resources, big duel ring and also 3 straight passages for short duels on limited place.

Download Link
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Park Visitor
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Re: Safari Park and Arena

Unread postby steggy » Fri, 26th Mar 2010 12:41

The download link doesn't work. :x3:
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