Good Ways to make a Herbivore Park

Useful tips for making the perfect slaught-i mean-theme park.

Good Ways to make a Herbivore Park

Unread postby Velocirapteryx » Thu, 23rd Aug 2012 18:36

Hey all, i'm new here, but i'm a vetran at playing JPOG. ;) I once made a now-lost herbivore island which was perfect, Dino Nerds were happy, Mainstream was ahppy, i was even able to make the Thrill Seekers happy. The way i did it can be found in these simple steps:

1. Start out with a large, circular island with no tree's, some rivers and no mountains. Use the mountains and carefully make a large mountain "crater" around the island, leaving a large river circling the island. This will make the island look more exotic and also appear to be one an large crater. Be sure to leave a small opening in the mountains so that water can "flow" around the island.

2. Start building the basics of Guest Amenties. Have 1 Visitor Center in all 4 parts of the island, which is in the East, North, South and West regions. Build a path filled with restrooms, kiosks and rest areas, so that way visitors can take all the different tours around the island and not get lost and 'die". ;)

3. Begin mapping out the herbivore paddocks. To save time and money, use the "Open to the Public" and "Mr. DNA" cheat, so you can have 100% of all 25 species of dinosaurs. Chose wisley on which herbivores you want to have in your park; each one is special in their ways. Be sure to have a good mixture of small herbivores and large herbivores on the island, and have at least 4 paddocks containing more than one species of dinosaur, to keep the Dino Nerds happy. :)

4. Eventually, some Thrill Seekers are going to come to the island in search of predators. If you dont want them to be dissapointed, have around 4 paddocks containing carnivores in with the tour. Some small carnivores can have their pens in with the Visitors, but be sure to not use Raptors in this case. :P I only know of 2 carnivores that can tolerate each other in one paddock; Carcharodontosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus. I don't know why, but they can live in peace with each other, but always have a Ranger Station close to their paddock.

5. Begin building the tour road. Have the paddocks built in ways so that there is maximum room for more tour cars. Sometimes you can build small hills and have the tour cars go on top of them, or even go inside a paddock or two. This is where trees come in. For small herbivores that are hard too see, have not so many trees in their paddock, and for large herbivores that are obvious to see, have as many trees as you like. Be sure to have an open water source for them to drink from, and have a couple feeders throwing out Paleo Bales, as this is more organic and is supposed to keep the herbivores healthy.

5. Carnivores should have at least 2 feeders in their paddocks, one dispensing cows, the other dispensing goats. For any carnivore with the exception of Dilophosaurus, all carnivore paddocks should have several cameras and sentry turrents near or in the paddock. Better prepare for the worst!! :)

6. After the tour and all other attractions are set up, open your park to the public. And then, Volia!; your hopefully successful Herbivore Park!!! I hope this was useful, and please Enjoy!! :D
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