Unlimited Herbivores/Slauter Park

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Unlimited Herbivores/Slauter Park

Unread postby Spinoman37 » Sun, 1st Jul 2012 8:54

Tired of constantly having to repopulate the island's herbivores because of hungry carnivores? Want to slauter innocent visitors without the waiting? No more! Simply goto the Data/Units/Goat and put in the model of your favorite food sour- I mean herbivore, enter its Traits (optional) and there you have it. For visitors, get the model of your favorite visitor and do the exact same thing. Disclaimer: Only works with one type of dinosaur... or visitor :hehee: Note: these can NOT be retired (can only be killed by a carnivore) and do not increase fame whatsoever, so be sure about placing feeders.
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