How To Build One of The BEST Theme Parks In JPOG

Useful tips for making the perfect slaught-i mean-theme park.

How To Build One of The BEST Theme Parks In JPOG

Unread postby SpinoKillsRex » Wed, 23rd Mar 2011 14:32

When you are playing JPOG, click the first button,'Operation Genesis.' Operation Genesis has an island on the button. Do NOT click Site B.Then create your island. For creating the island, I prefer little or no mountains, alot of rivers, and a big sized island. For the trees, it depends. If you want a Herbivore based park, yes put the bar thing to its max. If it is Carnivore based, put the bar thing low because carnivores don't eat plants, they eat other animals. If you want Herbivore AND Carnivore based, put the bar thing to it's max. That way when you make the Carnivores habitat,( the fences around and connected, where the dinosaur lives) you can adjust the habitat, like demolishing the trees or leaving the trees alone. After making the island, press 'Start.' It is your decision to make the island and how to control the theme park.

After you press start, go to the place where you want to start your theme park, and place a hatchery. Next build a security fence around it by going to the consruction hat section, also called the build section, and click on the Tyrannosaurus button. build a fence that is fairly large, not to large though. After that look at the upper left hand corner, one of the most important rules in a JPOG park. Beware of your money!

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Re: How To Build One of The BEST Theme Parks In JPOG

Unread postby Antony_nz » Wed, 14th Aug 2013 9:52

Herbivores don't eat the modern trees either. So i wouldn't max out trees based on the idea that they will eat them.
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