A few tips for the slaughter park

Useful tips for making the perfect slaught-i mean-theme park.

A few tips for the slaughter park

Unread postby Delcrum » Sat, 11th Sep 2010 18:04

1> Give the visitors a nice old entrance. Obviously. Just inside a paddock of T Rex.
2>Theres nothing like going for a stroll in a jeep inside Raptor pens. You might even drive the cars to rampage spots so that the visitors can be chopp- I mean enjoy the view.
3>The classic maze of fencing. Just with Spinos chasing visitors to the end.
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Re: A few tips for the slaughter park

Unread postby Green Grass » Sun, 1st Jul 2012 23:30

What I do is create a perfect park with only carnivores in fencing below their requirements (I put low fencing carnivores in low fencing) then i use the twister cheat and delete the entrance so nobody can get out, then the carnivores escape if they have'nt already and the mayhem begins :) .
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