An Easy way to beat the dino rampage levels

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An Easy way to beat the dino rampage levels

Unread postby Skull » Wed, 6th Jan 2010 17:55

For those like me, you are probably stuck on the campaign levels where you need to kill those blasted carnivores. Sure the T.Rex and Spino are easy kills, but those blasted raptors. Small and fast, they are almost IMPOSSIBLE to kill with a gun. However I found a solution, go into your JPOG folder. Go into the Units folder and find the Raptor file. After locating it, scroll down until you see Unit speed (or whatever it's called) and you will the unit's speed is 8.5, change it to 1.5 and congratulations! Now Brachs will be faster than your raptors and Site B will not be that far away.:edu:

(will find the EXACT name of the files later)
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Beat Rampage Levels

Unread postby DinoDude65 » Thu, 7th Jan 2010 0:14

Skull wrote:Brachs will be faster than raptors

:lul: This I have got to see!
I guess I'll try this sometime :)
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