Something Weird.....

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Something Weird.....

Unread postby spinosaur5000 » Sat, 2nd Jan 2010 9:16

Hi! Just was gonna ask.. well this is what i did: I made a pachycephalosaurus on my park's paths,it went to the socializing bubble sign.The visitors said :I can't believe my eyes!/What a sight!/etc.,then 5 seconds later,they started to panic and left the park for some reason!! :shock: And Jane Powers complains that visitors left the park cuz it was scary,even when the pachy was trying to play with the visitors.Why did that happen?? :bored:
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Re: Something Weird.....

Unread postby DinoDude65 » Sat, 2nd Jan 2010 19:50

You should have built some Security Cameras next to the paths so that the visitors feel safe. Even if there are no Pachycephalosauruses on the paths, once you build Security Cameras, you'll notice Happy bubbles floating everywhere in your park. Then introduce some Herbivores.
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