Quick Q about Security Cameras

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Quick Q about Security Cameras

Unread postby babalered » Wed, 21st Oct 2009 23:45

I know they will throw the chopper into action. But over what problems?

I know that raging dinosaurs and visitors who are about to die of exposure work, but what about collapsed dinos?
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Re: Quick Q about Security Cameras

Unread postby Raging Raptor » Thu, 22nd Oct 2009 2:24

No. Dinosaurs in Comatose always have to be taken care of 1st hand, but through a bit of FMS'ming, you should be able to. If a dino is sick, you also will have to do it yourself, but will be supplied with a warning from Sattler. Two suggestions:

1.)Make a mod request consisting of Auto Response to Comatose dinosaurs.
2.)Do the same as 1, but make it for Auto Response to sick dinosaurs.

Hope I helped. :)

Also, this should be in Gameplay, for future reference.
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Re: Quick Q about Security Cameras

Unread postby DinoDude65 » Mon, 28th Dec 2009 3:09

I'm glad someone addressed this. I've always wondered what the specific function of Security Cameras were... :D
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