Dino skins not working after loading game [fixed]

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Dino skins not working after loading game [fixed]

Unread postby kryptoraptor » Wed, 16th Nov 2016 16:37

Umm, I made a new dinosaur, using the "replaced dead skin method"... You know, replace the dead skin, and make the dinosaur use "skin=2" in the ini file.
When I start a new game and clone the dinosaur in Site B, everything is normal, the new skin is displayed properly, but when I save this game, and load it again, every dino of this new species is using the default dead skin... why?

Anybody knows what causes it and how to fix this?

Edit: Silly me. The dinosaur I used to make a new one was a brachiosaurus...
For some reasons, ´ve put this dinosaur from Morrison B and a brachiosaur from Tendaguru into the same park, but only replaced the dead skin in Morrison B... The game must have actualised the skin using the one in Tendaguru.
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