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Mousewheel very weak and ranger copter won't move

Unread postPosted: Thu, 8th Sep 2016 3:38
by Dragus
Hi all, longtime fan of the game and longtime lurker here. I just recently installed the game on my new gaming rig (which runs Windows 10) and am experiencing some strange issues:

1. When attempting to zoom in or out using the mousewheel, it's very weak and slow, barely nudging in either direction. However, the keyboard keys (F and R) still zoom at normal speed as do any other buttons I assign the zooming to.

2. The ranger helicopter won't move. It will take off from the helipad when I hold down the W key, but ultimately won't move forward, just sort of tilting in place in mid-air. It will however still behave correctly if I issue it an order to do something with a dinosaur.

I've already tried running the game in compatibility mode for a number of operating systems as well as tinkering with run as administrator. I was curious if anyone here has experienced these problems yet and has a fix! Perhaps something could be done in the options.ini?

I've seen a least one other person out there (a post on the JPOG subreddit) with this issue when googling it. If anyone has any possible solutions please let me know! I'd really like to be able to play using my mousewheel and also fly the ranger copter. Thanks in advance for any possible solutions.

Re: Mousewheel very weak and ranger copter won't move

Unread postPosted: Wed, 22nd Feb 2017 18:24
by TheLOSTJoker
Im having your same #1 issue. Been looking all day for a fix. I found a mod where the mousewheel works but couldnt find the lines of code that let it do that.