Fossil Market for Cloned Dinosaurs

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Fossil Market for Cloned Dinosaurs

Unread postby SpinoRexy » Sat, 3rd Oct 2015 2:36

So I just started modding with cloned dinosaurs, and it works fine for me and everything, although I haven't skinned them yet. However, I want to know something. Does my dinosaur's bones automatically appear in the fossil market or just in the digsite? If they don't, how can I make the bones appear in the fossil market? If they do, then does making the digsites not give bones of that dinosaur turn that function off? I really want to know this, because I'm making a Indominus Rex (allosaurus clone) right now and I want parts of it to be buy-able only from the fossil market, as it's not a real dinosaur. Any help on this? :)

EDIT: Oops, meant to post this in gameplay section, sorry! It's there too! :facepalm:
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