JPOG wont initialize direct3d with 64u settings.

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JPOG wont initialize direct3d with 64u settings.

Unread postby Gbatman28 » Fri, 17th Jul 2015 1:00

Hello! iv'e got a bit of a problem here. :argh: My JPOG runs terrifically on 32 bit settings, but recently, i have wanted to try to put the game up to 64 bit. But it seems the option does not appear under VIDEO. I have a 64 bit operating system, and i have Direct3d installed. so what's the main issue? Whenever i try to change from 32u to 64u by hand in the "options.ini" the game just gives me an error which says "Failed to initiate Direct3d" and it also tells me to see if directx8.1b is installed. I have directx11 so it shouldn't be an issue. Again, it works amazing on 32 bit settings, i just want to see it in 64. Thanks guys!
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Re: JPOG wont initialize direct3d with 64u settings.

Unread postby V-Raptor » Fri, 17th Jul 2015 7:40

I'm pretty sure the game simply doesn't support 64-bit colours.

Disclaimer: I haven't played JPOG in years, take any advice with a pinch of salt.
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