How do I get an optimal mod experience in JPOG?

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How do I get an optimal mod experience in JPOG?

Unread postby WanderingLamb96 » Mon, 1st Jun 2015 21:58

I've been dabbling in mods since I first re-installed the game. My first and only mod up until yesterday was the GEP v.2, which I loved for all the features yet all the popular carnivores seemed to be slowed to a crawl, which is my only gripe. Then I tried installing "The Forgotten," because I figured introducing species that were supposed to be in the game already was going to be awesome, but the re-skins were not to my liking, and that totally messed up my game for a little while even with copying and transferring my original data folder.

My personal favorite mod to run at the moment is the Film Canon Mod, mostly because I prefer the dinosaurs to look as much like their movie incarnations as possible, and they sound like them too! I also modified the constant.ini so that visitors could walk through my "open" exhibits without running in fear. However I love the behavioral enhancements the GEP added that appears to not cross mix well with the FCM.

Long story short I want to have as much fun with as many mods as possible. I'd like to have a list compiled, with a little bit of help. I'm thinking of starting with the male and female tyrannosaurus and raptor mods, because mixed packs would be pretty dope. But I'm all for ideas!
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Re: How do I get an optimal mod experience in JPOG?

Unread postby raptorclaw » Tue, 2nd Jun 2015 0:57

-JP Universe Pack
-Poop mod (if you find it useful)
-Charming Cretaceous
-Anything from Tamara Henson or Mamenchi
-Raptorclaw's mods (yay me!)
-Lexmac0's Random pack
-Australia mod
-Five Nights at JPOG (yay me again!)
-PMEP 2! (it's not out yet, but keep an eye on it)

There's plenty more on this site, but these are the best I've seen that you don't already have. Most of these aren't compatible with each other, but some of the skin packs are.
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