Fate of the TOSHI Engine?

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Fate of the TOSHI Engine?

Unread postby Terrichance » Wed, 13th May 2015 9:03

This probably won't look good for me, making a second topic days after the other one. But I felt like this was something worth asking about.

Does anyone know whatever happened to BlueTongue's TOSHI Engine?

BlueTongue dissolved in 2011, shortly after making DeBlob 2 for the Wii ((which also used TOSHI.)) It was absorbed by parent company THQ, which then proceeded to go bankrupt in 2012, and got pieces of itself auctioned off to various other publishers. The name that comes up as buying the lion's share of the licenses is Nordic Games.

Where is TOSHI during all this? Is it firmly in the hands of Nordic, or in the possession of one of the other buyers? Or has it been left out of the whole thing, and is now sitting on some computer in some developer's house, gathering dust? So many questions... does anyone have any answers?
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Re: Fate of the TOSHI Engine?

Unread postby V-Raptor » Wed, 13th May 2015 10:47

Probably the Gathering dust option, tbh. No way for us to know, I don't think, unless a game using the engine is released at some point.

Disclaimer: I haven't played JPOG in years, take any advice with a pinch of salt.
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