Jpark crashing

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Jpark crashing

Unread postby Namari944 » Sun, 1st Feb 2015 22:31

as far as i can tell, this is where i should put this. if not direct me to the real spot please. anywho, just a normal gal who has always loved jpark, and has found ways of working around the fact that it's glitchy as all heck. i have windows xp, and was wondering if anyone has ever found a way to make building an island from scratch not crash, and to keep the game from crashing if you try and load 2 missions in a row. the standard issues from what i've read. i downloaded GEP v2 correctly as far as i can tell, and that didn't fix the crashy issues, so im asking here. please keep it non techy friendly as i am not exactly the most computer savvy, despite many attempts at reading up on it and only resulting in headaches.
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Re: Jpark crashing

Unread postby FTKchuuNINJA » Fri, 6th Feb 2015 6:31

Aha, well for that just use this:

Firstly, if your familiar with this then proceed, if not, then get an far program like 7zip or winrar. after extracting, open the 3danalyze (or blue logo) and after opening, all check marks are not on right? if there are uncheck. if there are no check marks, go to hardware limits and check only 2nd, 3rd, and 4th boxes. Then click select and pick the simjp.exe in the game's folder. then click run and hopefully it'll work.

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