Recommended Mods for Beginner?

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Recommended Mods for Beginner?

Unread postby shurai » Sat, 20th Sep 2014 21:59

Hi guys, I probably missed the section that covers this so sorry if it's supposed to be somewhere else or already answered in a sticky thread :(.

Just found my disc after going through some old boxes. Didn't think windows 7 would even play it but thought I'd give it a try... it worked! Thought I'd take a look to see if there were any updates and stumbled across some mods that just make it look amazing!

So... Could I get a list of mods you guys would recommend for a new user? I saw someone post that some of the mods can really enhance the gameplay experience so I would love to add some before I get back into playing it.

Something to change the resolution to 16x9 and a no cd crack would be great as well lol, I'm sure that's included in one of the mods though...

Windows 7
i7 2.0 ghz
16gb ram
120 SSD
Nvidia GTX 560M

Help very much appreciated!
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Re: Recommended Mods for Beginner?

Unread postby raptorclaw » Wed, 24th Sep 2014 22:06

-Novel Cannon Mod
-JP Universe Pack
-If you find it useful, the Poop Mod
-Charming Cretaceous
-Anything from Tamara Henson
-Raptorclaw's mods v1.1.0
-Lexmac0's Random pack
-Australia mod

Disclaimer: Not all of these mods work together (ex: Novel Cannon pack with JP Universe pack). Some do (ex: poop mod and Lexmac0's random pack), but most of them aren't compatible with each other.
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