Constant.ini changes problem

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Constant.ini changes problem

Unread postby raptor06jp/// » Mon, 14th Apr 2014 21:28


Recently i had a problem with some edit changes at Constant in the case of Gameyears,month,weeks,days to actual seconds, i changed them to days; 240, weeks; 1680, months; 6720 and years to 8064.

After that the changes doesn't take effects, of course i saved changes but i didn't expected that some edits in Constant could not take difference. :sweatdrop: But other things like
maxdinopop, maxvispop, safaripathlenght and balloontourpathlenght and jeepfuellimit
worked well. :notrust:

I also tried to start new game but nothing has changed.

Any suggestions? :(
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Re: Constant.ini changes problem

Unread postby TytheTyrannosaurus » Tue, 2nd Jun 2015 19:31

Those values that you changed could possibly be linked to another .ini file or possibly the values you entered were to high. Also, have you double checked that you did infact save it? I'd snoop around in the other .ini files and see if there's anything else you may need to change.
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